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Rudd & Diamond, prides itself on its trial record and Michael Rudd is known for his ingenuity and winning in the courtroom. We strive to establish a close relationships with our clients. Rudd & Diamond takes the time to listen to our clients, learn their business practices, to attain and develop the best results. The result is comprehensive litigation representation, resulting in excellent client outcomes.

Our firm also specializes in defending commercial trucking claims. These cases are aggressively defended by experienced attorneys with extensive training in the operations of these vehicles.

We are available to our clients 24 hours a day for immediate response to their legal and investigative needs. From the first sign of possible litigation, our clients have requested our participation in many early phases of the case including scene inspections (often within hours of the loss), examinations under oath, and developed defense strategies. Our firm utilizes the most up-to-date computer technology that allows attorneys and paralegal’s access to legal databases and on-line search engines.

Unlike other firms that place emphasis on attorney billing requirements, the attorneys at Rudd & Diamond, are committed to providing exceptional legal services without charging excessive fees for these services.

Our firm has established long-term relationships with our clients and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with exceptional legal representation.

Otherwise, please direct your inquiries to Michael P. Rudd or Peter A. Diamond at (954) 961-5059.

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